US demands strong PNT capability – Digital Battlespace

The M-Code GPS modules will include anti-jamming and tampering features. (Photo: BAE Systems)

BAE Systems provides DoD with advanced GPS modules with M-Code.

BAE Systems Receives $ 325.5 Million Contract From US Defense Logistics Agency for Advanced Military Code (M-code) GPS modules for reliable and secure positioning, navigation and synchronization (PNT) data with anti-jamming and tampering capabilities.

The company will produce and supply Upgraded GPS Consumer Equipment (MGUE) Zoom 1 Common GPS Modules (CGM) compatible with the advanced M-Code signal to support the Ministry of Defense and international allies until 2030.

MGUE’s CGM will help combatants conduct operations in a disputed REB environment, BAE Systems added in a May 18 statement. The modules will be used to build military-grade GPS receivers for ground and precision-controlled ammunition.

Greg Wilde, Director of Navigation and Sensor Systems at BAE Systems, added: “This contract will provide an inventory of M-Code modules for building advanced next-generation GPS receivers.”