What’s up with…Nick McKeown, Intel, NEC, connected coffee machines, Access Evolution

Intel also this week highlighted its key role in areas such as finite computing and virtual RAN and showed examples of how it works with similar ones to Deutsche Telekom, Reliance Jio, Dish Network, Cellnex, Cohere Technologies and others. Read more.

NEC Unveiled New 5G Massive MIMO Radio Devices That Can Be Used In Open RAN implementation and which will be available next year. The devices will meet the “interface specifications defined by the O-RAN Alliance and will be compatible with base station equipment from different vendors, allowing open, flexible and optimized networks to be implemented according to a wide range of applications”, notes the seller in this message.

This is not a common message containing the phrases “Enjoy Coffee Outside the Home by IoT” and “Smooth and Connected coffee experience“Finds its way to TelecomTV’s inbox, so a message titled ‘Orange Business Provides Global Connectivity to IoT Coffee Machines’ soon caught our eye.” “De Jong DUKE chose Orange Business Services to provide global IoT connectivity to connect its innovative ConnectMe platform for connected coffee machines, ”Orange informs us. “The family company based in the Netherlands has a global presence. Its coffee machines are known for their reliability, ease of use and low cost of ownership, ”she adds, as if these are the important attributes of a coffee machine … but not to mention the heritage of the beans or the taste notes! What a pity! We’re kidding, of course (okay, something like …) and if you want to learn more about this IoT business case, check out this blog.

Deutsche Telekom, in partnership with Mavenir and MobiledgeX, demonstrates the dynamic deployment of cloud-based, distributed 5G Core User Plane Function Function (UPF) software at the most appropriate endpoints. “We are excited to partner with Mavenir and MobiledgeX to demonstrate the dynamic deployment of 5G Core UPF in the cloud for consumers where needed,” said Alex Choi, SVP Strategy and Technology Innovation at Deutsche Telekom. “UPF can work in the network owned by the operator, in a private 4G / 5G network, in the roaming network or in the public cloud. The ability to dynamically and seamlessly organize traffic through our own footprint and the footprint of others opens up the possibility of new connectivity solutions for customers, ”added Choi. Read more.