Wipro ties with Exaware to accelerate innovation in Communication Networks and 5g upgrades

IT giant Wipro has partnered with Exaware, a leading provider of Open Network routing solutions. The partnership will jointly develop advanced engineering solutions that foster innovation in the network industry, streamline 5G technology upgrades, and open the door to future 6G compatibility.

“Using the combined engineering expertise of Wipro and Exaware, operators will be able to build flexible, self-optimizing networks and deploy services to equip them for future growth while reducing their total cost of ownership,” said Thomas Mueller, CTO. engineering R&D Services, Wipro Limited.

“The network operating system enables CSPs to transform physical networks into virtual networks by adopting the principles of disaggregation and O-RAN. Exaware’s capabilities in the IP routing space can play a key role, as Wipro helps CSP upgrade its networks and prepare for the future, “said Ben Afshari, vice president of sales and business development, Exaware.

According to the regulatory submission, traditional radio access networks (RANs) are slowly advancing and becoming more expensive to upgrade, as existing hardware and software options are closely interconnected and provided by a single provider. Wipro and Exaware are developing engineering products and solutions that will separate hardware from software, allowing communications service providers (CSPs) to choose different hardware and software vendors. This in turn will encourage innovation from network equipment providers, improve disaggregated gateway network gateways (DCSG), enable disaggregated open RAN infrastructure from end to end, and ultimately reduce network costs.

Wipro has played a key role in bringing disaggregated and software-defined network solutions to market. Through its own experience, technology investment and growing partner ecosystem, Wipro will continue to be an important player, providing personalized solutions for customer transformation around the world.

At around 13.29, Wipro performed at Rs 556.55 per share, up 0.22% from Sensex.