ASEPA petitions US Government to impose visa sanctions on Kennedy Agyapong

The Alliance for Social Justice and Public Accountability (ASEPA) has petitioned the US government through its embassy in Ghana to lift visa restrictions against Asin Kennedy MP Ohene Agyapong.

The Alliance calls for this initiative to be implemented under section 212 of the US Immigration and Citizenship Act.

ASEPA says the recent threat posed by MP Multimedia Group MP Erastus Assare Doncor for his report on the Ejura protest has outraged the US government, as it has always been interested in the safety of journalists around the world through imposing sanctions on governments and those found guilty of such acts.

He notes that this is not Mr Agyapong’s first action against journalists, as he (Kennedy Agyapong) “in 2019, sitting on National Television, made threats against Tiger Eye journalist Ahmed Suale, inciting mafia action. against the journalist for the role he played in the investigation, a revelation called “Number 12”, which revealed the huge corruption that plagued the football administration in Ghana. “

A few weeks later, the journalist was killed in cold blood and so far no one has been arrested.

Therefore, ASEPA in its July 15 petition called on the U.S. government through the State Department to activate Khashoggi’s ban against Mr. Kennedy Agyapong to retrain him for entry into the United States, where there are several business interests or other United States territory.

In addition, ASEPA prays that the ban on Khashoggi be extended to the Ghanaian government and all its officials until it authorizes the assassination of Ahmed Suale, arrests the perpetrators and prosecutes them.

It also added that “the same sanctions should be applied to the Ghanaian parliament and its staff if parliament fails to remove Mr Agyapong as chairman of the parliament’s defense and home affairs committee”.

“We rely on the US government’s international interest in protecting human rights, as well as promoting the safety and well-being of journalists around the world, to protect journalists in Ghana who are constantly victims of Mr. Agyapong’s recklessness and depravity. “

On Friday, July 9, it was reported that Mr Agyapong had committed verbal abuse and threatened to attack Mr Asare Donkor, “for the journalistic work he did during the recent shootings and assassination in Ejura”. on NET 2 TV, TV owned by the MP.

The central MP from Asin was filmed on a live program, widely published on social media platforms, stating that “if he [Mr Agyapong] if he were president, he would ensure that Erastus Asare Doncor would be beaten mercilessly. “

Following his actions, the Multimedia Group has filed a formal complaint against the legislator of the Asin headquarters, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, for threatening the life of one of its journalists, Erastus Assare Doncor.

In its letter to the deputy regional commander, Ashanti district, the media group called for an in-depth investigation into the threats made by the legislature.

On issues related to threats against journalists, the US government in 2018 undertook the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Hashoghi.

The government conducted an investigation and recently, under the Biden-Harris administration, issued a new visa restriction policy under section 212 (a) (3) (c) of the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Act, called the Khashoggi ban, which allows The US State Department will impose visa restrictions on individuals or members of foreign governments who are believed to be directly involved in the oppression, harassment, surveillance, threats or harm to journalists.

Meanwhile, President Alban Bagbin addressed Asin Kennedy Central Council Member Ohene Agyapong to Parliament’s Privileges Committee to incite attacks on JoyNews reporter Erastus Assare Doncor.

The directive issued by the President on Wednesday will enable the Chamber to decide whether Mr Agyapong’s actions violate Parliament’s orders and, if so, to recommend appropriate sanctions.

Also, Kobena Mensa Wyome, a member of Parliament’s Privileges Committee, said the committee would do an in-depth job, no matter how strong or influential the individual is.

He added that the commission’s work would be deepened by enforcing its rules.

“I don’t think it should even come in; we already have rules governing our behavior. All of them will be considered as a mirror to see if it gives us a better reflection or a wrong reflection, which, of course, will inform how a person decides on the way forward or will determine the fate of someone who may have been wrong or recognized. for innocent at all. So I don’t think any of what you mentioned will affect any member of the committee, “he said. Joy FM‘Super Morning Show on Thursday.