‘Badge Unbroken’ to tell story of first black deputy police chief in Tupelo

Investors are being sought for a local movie

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – A movie is in the works about the man who was the first black assistant police chief in Tupelo, before he was forced to resign.

All along, Hall claimed he was treated unfairly and now, his story is being made into a movie.

The trailer for the movie “Badge Unbroken” recreates some real life scenarios from Robert Hall’s time as a Tupelo police officer.

Hall became the city’s first black deputy police chief but resigned after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges, in connection with his release of a hit and run suspect in May of 2006.

Hall claimed he released the suspect, after consulting with the police chief at the time, to avoid liability against the city.

Hall was later re hired by former Tupelo Police Chief Tony Carleton, but had to resign a second time, when he was denied law enforcement re certification. Eventually, all charges against Hall were expunged.

Hall’s story was brought to the stage five years ago and now, he says the time is right for a movie. A recent meeting was held for potential investors. Hall says “Badge Unbroken” will be shot in and around Tupelo.

“We want to boost the economy, we know people will come to town, they will buy food, they will eat, we also want to serve as educators, so there are students with a hope and a dream in movie making, we want to build that platform here in Mississippi, thirdly, we want to tell the truth, bring race relations together, and take something bad and turn it into good, ”Hall said.

Students from ICC’s Film Class are assisting with the project, and see it as an opportunity to gain real world experience.

“WE’VE WORKED ON LIGHTING, Scripts and Things Like That, It’s Taught Us How To Do Things We Never Thought We Could Do, We Are Able To Apply That To Other Projects We Are Working On and We Can Grow That In Our Experience, I love doing films and this has taught me so much, ”said Makel Ganey, a student in the ICC Film Program.

Hall says “Badge Unbroken” will have a strong message.

“When we think that God has left us, how do we turn life around, how do we find another career, how do we push it, and that covers black, white, young, old, how do we keep pushing forward and make a change, ”Hall said.

Plans call for the movie to be shot this summer.

Robert Hall is now a successful financial planner in Tupelo.