CBI books D K Shivakumar for possessing disproportionate assets worth Rs 74.93 crore

Bengaluru, October 6 (IANS): After a one-day search operation in 14 properties distributed in three countries that are said to be owned by the powerful leader of the Karnataka Congress, D.K. Shivakumar, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday registered a case of accumulation of assets worth 74.93 kroner, disproportionate to its known sources of income.

A statement issued by the CBI states that it has filed a lawsuit against former Karnataka minister (now MLA) Shivakumar on allegations of disproportionate assets of 74.93 kroner (approximately) in his name and in the name of members of his family.

The statement went on to say that the CBI had attacked 14 properties linked to the leader in three countries – Karnataka, Delhi and Maharashtra.

“Today, searches were carried out at 14 locations in Karnataka, Delhi and Mumbai on the premises of Shivakamur and others, which led to the recovery of 57 GEL (approximately) in cash and several incriminating documents, including property documents, banking information, a computer disk, etc. .n. “, the statement said, adding that the alleged corruption case against the head of Congress in Karnataka was registered by the CBI based on data shared by the Enforcement Directorate regarding money laundering.

As CBI rumors spread to launch widespread raids that began around 6:30 a.m., Shivakumar supporters also began gathering in front of his residence in the city’s prestigious Sadashivanagara area.

As the day progressed, restless supporters began a lightning protest at key intersections in the city, causing traffic jams and throwing up norms for social winds.

Hearing rumors that Shivakumar and his brother and Lok Sabha MP Bengaluru, DK Suresh, could be detained, a drama ensued with his supporters trying to “geranium” CBI vehicles and capture him at CBI headquarters in Hebbal. Both offers were thwarted by city police.

Supporters calmed down only after DK Suresh took to Twitter to explain that their family would not be pressured by such threats.

“We all know who is behind this. We will fight it to the end and emerge victorious because we are followers of truth and justice. I urge our followers not to protest or cause inconvenience to the public,” he wrote on Twitter.

It may be recalled that last year the 58-year-old congressional leader was arrested by the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) after four days of questioning on money laundering charges.

The arrest in September 2019 followed tax attacks on Shivakumar in 2017, when 8.6 crores of “undisclosed income” were allegedly found. The figure was later revised to 11 rupees. ED has filed a money laundering lawsuit against Shivakumar in 2018 based on a declaration coupon filed by the Income Tax Department.

During the money laundering investigation, ED submitted some of its findings to the CBI last year. This is CBI’s first case against Shivakumar.

Speaking to reporters earlier in the day, Shivakumar’s family adviser, AS Ponnanna, asked if they would continue to raid his home every time there is an election.

“There has to be some holiness – something like the rule of law. It’s not a legal act. I don’t think there’s any doubt in anyone’s mind,” he said.

“The public is aware of why this is happening. The by-elections are being announced, he is one of the star agitators and is the president of the KPCC. This is only a politically motivated action, not a legally justified one,” he added.

Meanwhile, the political plowfest continued throughout the day, with BJP and Congress leaders taking turns criticizing each other.

Congress leaders described the episode as a “raid rage” and an attempt to “disable preparation” for side sections of the state while the BJP sniffed out Congress, saying it should stop playing on the victim’s card.

Congressional Secretary-General Randeeep Singh Surjewala took to Twitter, saying the Modi-Yeddyurappa duo’s insidious game of intimidation and machinations was being carried out by a puppet CBI. “The CBI must expose the layers of corruption in the Yedurapa government,” he tweeted.

He added: “Let the governments of Modi and Yeddyurappa and the frontal organizations of the BJP, ie the CBI-ED income tax, know that workers and leaders of Congress will not be crushed or bow before such insidious attempts. Our determination to fight for the people and expose BJP’s mismanagement is growing stronger. “

Opposition leader Sidaramaya tweeted: “The latest CBI raid on @KPCCPresident @ DKShivakumar’s house is another attempt to thwart our preparations for side polls. I strongly condemn this.”

In response to the searches, the former Karnataka chief minister added: “@ BJP4India has always tried to pursue a vengeful policy and mislead the public. The latest CBI raid on @KPCCPresident’s house @DKShivakuma is another attempt to derail our preparations for side polls I strongly condemn this. “

Speaking at the congress, the Minister of Medical Education K. Sudhakar wrote on Twitter that the two side sections – in Rajarajeshwari Nagar and Sira – are not decisive in terms of number. The BJP has too many MLAs in the 225-member assembly to be in any danger.

But Congress and the JD-S would not want to lose the seats they held, while the ruling party would not want to lose either.

Newly appointed BJP National Secretary-General CT Ravi tweeted: “It is the corrupt @INCIndia government led by Sonia Gandhi that treats the CBI like a puppet against its opponents. Weren’t huge unreported money confiscated by IT authorities during the attack on @DKShivakumar’s house? “

The Karnataka BJP responded through its Twitter handle that Congress should have known that in the future they would have to face such embarrassment when they garlanded him when he was released from prison in Tihar.

“He is a corrupt politician that everyone knows, but Congress is hell-bent on defending him. Congress should be ashamed of that,” the BJP tweeted.

Additional polls will take place in Karnataka on November 3rd.

CBI confiscated about Rs 5 lakh, not Rs 57 lakh from me: Shivakumar

Discouraged by the one-day raids on him and his relatives by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Congress President Karnataka, DK DK Shivakamur, said on Monday that the agency could recover just 1.37 lakhs from his home and about 3 lakhs from his office. his, not 57 rupees, as claimed.

Addressing reporters at his residence here, he dared the CBI to release a “panchanama” (recording of evidence / findings at the crime scene) to prove his claim in a statement released to the media.

“I am responsible and responsible for what has been restored from my residence and the office where I live and operate, not for what has been restored from elsewhere,” he said.

Describing that the attacks on him were “politically motivated”, Shivakumar said that every time the central agencies attacked him, he was unfortunately busy with one or another election.

“In this way, he makes everyone think and assume that this is a politically motivated case and raids … although I do not find fault with the central agencies, as they were doing their duty,” he said sarcastically.

Launching a covert attack on the media, Shivakumar claims that she always goes too far while covering similar events involving him and his family members.

“Since the morning I have been watching some channels report that 3 rupees have been recovered in cash and I will be arrested. At the end of the day the truth prevails … I have not been arrested or a huge amount of cash has been recovered, as was sensationally revealed by the channels “, he said.