Columbus Police Chief discusses prime prevention tactics

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The Columbus Police Department continues to urge the community to come forward with information to help solve recent shooting incidents in the city.

Chief Shelton says witnesses who report any information to the police department can rest assured that their identities will be protected.

That includes protection from personnel not involved in each case.

Within the past week and a half, two shooting incidents have taken place in Columbus putting innocent bystanders in danger.

The first shooting occurred on Alabama Street near McDonald’s parking lot.

Five vehicles were damaged.

The other took place on the sixth street south where two suspects were shooting at each other from opposite ends of the street.

Chief Shelton encourages people to report any information they may have to a crime scene, no matter how small.

Providing information does not guarantee that you will have to stand trial and be a witness.

“And that case file is locked up in that office. The only person who we share that information with is the district attorney’s office. When it comes time for the grand jury, the officers take their cases, they copy the statements, and they give that information to the DA. The more information we get, the more evidence we get, the less likely we will have to call them (witnesses) to court. But again we’re going to do everything to protect their identity. We’re not going to discuss who they are or where they are. We just want the information, ”said Police Chief Fred Shelton.

Threatening a witness to not report any information is a felony charge and the penalty can be as much as 10 years in prison.

Of course, you can leave an anonymous tip through the P3 app, crime stoppers, or contacting the Columbus police department.