Columbus police department added a new K-9 to its team

It doesn’t come as a surprise to many people that labor shortages are hitting all sectors

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – It doesn’t come as a surprise to many people that labor shortages are hitting all sectors. Retail, restaurants, and even first responders are looking for people to fill positions. Columbus police chief Fred Shelton had been trying to add depth to the CPD team for quite some time, and he recently added a new piece to the team.

The Columbus Police Department recruited out-of-state to find its newest officer. Bubba is a two-year-old German shepherd from Denver, Indiana; bringing him to the friendly city took some extra help and training.

“I went around to the community you know asking for donations and the city also helped as well so we went up there, got Bubba, and came back to the Senate Mississippi and we started training through the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Association,” said K- 9 handler Nicholas Hairston.

Hairston was in Senatobia with Bubba for eight weeks of training where the K-9 learned how to track and identify drugs by their smell.

Hairston felt that his new partner would be a real asset to the department.

“Bubba plays a big role he’s like a force multiplier his presence can defuse a situation before it gets started just by him being there,” Hairston said.

The Columbus police department is currently 17 officers short of being fully staffed; however Chief Shelton felt the addition of Bubba would not only help in searches, but offer an extra hand for Officer Hairston.

“Officer Hairston has a back up with him in the car and it’s like another person being there. We do have a shortening of man power but we’re making it work everyday, ”Shelton said.

Shelton and Hairston were thankful for all the donations that helped bring Bubba to his new home.