Frontier Precision launches virtual User Conference for 2021

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The Frontier Precision 2021 TechXpo User Conference takes virtual its popular and informative personal user conferences sponsored by Boundary precision in the last two decades. The conference will be held from March 30 to April 1, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central summer time.

During 2021, TechXpo participants can participate in over 70 webinars, live question and answer sessions, daily prizes and a virtual trade show with more than 15 suppliers in the industry such as Trimble, DJI, Yellowscan and others.

Participants will learn new ways to measure, with a wealth of knowledge to learn and share, the company said.

“We have continued to embrace our core values ​​in customer service and education and be the first to offer customers new technology as a core part of our DNA as a company,” said Dennis Kemmesat, President and CEO of Frontier Precision.

The virtual conference is highly interactive, making information and technology accessible from a desktop computer, whether in another city, another country or somewhere in the other world.

The three-day conference will explore the best technologies in mechanical engineering, geodesy, geospatial information systems (GIS), construction and unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Registration for $ 49 includes 30 days access to records.

About Frontier Precision. Frontier Precision is a company owned by employees with 33 years of experience in servicing research, mapping, engineering, construction, GIS, forensics, law enforcement, forestry, water resources, mosquito and vector control and natural resource professionals.

As one of the best Geospatial Trimble dealers in the world, Frontier Precision is at the forefront of technology. The company provides business solutions in the field of UAS / drones, laser-based scanning, 3D visualization and virtual reality.

The company is headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota, with locations in South Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii.