Google launching new rules to improve app quality on Play Store

New Delhi, May 1 (IANS): In a new offer to renovate its Play Store, Google announced new rules and guidelines to improve the quality of the application and discovery for users.

The company said that the application title, icon and developer name that do not comply with the upcoming rules will not be allowed on Google Play.

The new set of rules includes limiting the length of application titles to 30 characters, banning keywords that imply store performance, promoting the icon, the title and developer name, and removing graphic elements that could mislead users in the icon. the application.

More details on this policy change, including start dates, will arrive later this year.

“Because the title, icon, and developer name of your app are the most important elements for opening your in-store ads page, we’re preparing to release a new set of rules to keep those elements recognizable and unique,” Google said. in an update late Friday.

When Google Play launched in 2008, it was easy for developers to be noticed with just a few hundred apps and live games in the Play Store.

There are currently millions of applications and games available to audiences in over 190 countries.

“The unique assets you provide to the Store – images, videos, descriptions, even the name of your app itself – are essential for users deciding what to download,” said Google.

“We encourage you to review the examples of ‘right and wrong’ below and consider how these changes may affect you so that you can prepare for the upcoming policy changes,” the company said.