Lincoln Project takes aim at Trump’s health in new advertisement

The Lincoln Project, a Republican super PAC, was partially managed by George ConwayGeorge ConwayGeorge Conway: Republican blocks January 6 commission “more horrific” than both of Trump’s acquittals Press: Prepare orange overalls: extremely large Influential Republicans are calling in detail for the party to reform, threatening to create a new one MORE ▼, is striking President TrumpDonald TrumpMyPillow’s CEO will download ads from Fox News Halland, Native American leaders, are pushing for the protection of local land Simon Beals, Vince Lombardi and the courage to leave MORE ▼ with a pair of new ads on Wednesday as he works to undermine his re-election bid.

The group, whose national profile has grown amid a long-running public scandal with Trump, ran an ad Tuesday night alleging the president is not physically fit, highlighting his recent appearance at West Point, where he appears to have descended carefully. ramp after giving a speech.

“Something is wrong with Donald Trump. He is trembling, weak, has trouble speaking, has trouble walking. Then why don’t we talk about it? asks the narrator in 45 second clip. “The most powerful office in the world needs more than a weak, unfit, unstable president. Trump has neither the strength to lead nor the character to acknowledge it. “

“We are not doctors, but we are not blind either. It’s time to talk about it. ”

The video of Trump slowly descending the ramp as West Point Lt. Gen. Daryl A. Williams walked beside him went viral over the weekend and caused a new impact on the president’s health.

Trump, who often denigrated the appearance and mental abilities of his political opponents, later dismissed speculation that he was not well, saying he did not want to fall and feed the Fake News.

“The ramp I went down after my speech at West Point was very long and steep, there were no railings and most importantly it was very slippery,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “The last thing I would do was” fall “to have fun with the Fake News. I ran the last ten feet to flat ground. Impulse! “

The Lincoln Project also announced on Wednesday that it had released an ad that hit Trump over his decision to hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, over the weekend of June 19.

Trump originally scheduled the rally for June 19, a day that marks the end of slavery in the United States, but later postponed the event to the following evening, June 20, in response to criticism.

Advertising stresses that the rally will take place close to the day of the end of slavery and in a city where a notorious case of racial violence took place, in which hundreds of blacks were killed 99 years ago.

“Trump’s decision to hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma over the weekend of June 19 and at the site of the worst massacre in American history, tells voters everything they need to know about him. In times of crisis, Donald Trump further divided and encouraged Americans instead of bringing us together, “said Stuart Stevens, a senior adviser on the Lincoln Project. “It’s a shame that this president has once again decided that ironing his own ego is more important than serving the nation.”

The group, which was founded by prominent critics of the GOP president, has been embroiled in months back and forth with Trump, airing a series of commercials that shatter the White House.

Among the group’s founders are Conway, the husband of the White House adviser Kelian ConwayKelin Elizabeth ConwayAides who clashed with Giuliani deliberately gave him the wrong time to prepare for the Trump debate: a book 7 Conservative Women Who Could Replace Megan McCain in The Look Karen Pence confirms her return to Indiana: “There is no place like home” MORE ▼and Republican consultants John Weaver, Steve Schmid and Rick Wilson.