New/Updated Benchmarks For June From GravityMark To L4D2 Vulkan, Updated Neural Networks


A number of updated Phoronix Test Suite test profiles have been available in the last month as part of our open source cross-platform benchmarking framework.

Among the test updates released in June, which are already available for Phoronix test package users working on an active internet connection:

gravitational sign – A new testing profile this month is GravityMark as the new GPU benchmark from one of Unigine’s former engine developers with OpenGL and Vulkan visualization support.

unrestrained – Restored Unvanquished test profile now that this open source game is back to newer versions and has been adapted to work with the latest version of Unvanquished game.

l4d2 – Support for Left 4 Dead 2 benchmarking with its new Vulkan visualization option (Vulkan rendering supported by DXVK).

ncnn – New edition of this Tencent neural network terminal frame.

tnn – A new version of this Tencent in-depth training framework.

mnn – New edition of this library of Alibaba neural networks.

blosc – Updated against c-blosc2 v2.0 upstream stable version.

astcenc – Pull edition 3.0 of the ASTC encoder from Arm.

vpxenc – Update of the video coding benchmark VP9 to the new version libvpx 1.10.

srsran – Expose more test options for srsRAN such as this open source LTE / 5G software package.