NP Aerospace achieves exclusive bomb suit standard

Size range 4030 ELITE – from left to right: Size 5 (model 196 cm), Size 3 (model 182 cm), Size 1 (female model 164 cm). (Photo: NP Aerospace)

NP Aerospace received a second-of-its-kind NIJ certificate for its new bomb-destroying suit.

NP Aerospace’s new 4030 ELITE bomb disposal suit is certified to NIJ 0117.01, the standard of the US National Institute of Justice for a bomb suit, by the Institute of Safety Equipment.

The official report was received after an intensive 18-month development and testing program.

The certification will open up opportunities to sell the suit in the United States and other global markets that require NIJ certification.

NP Aerospace is one of only two manufacturers in the world to receive this level of certification for a bomb destruction suit.

The only other manufacturer that has achieved this certification is C-ENG for its EOD 10 Bomb Suit.

The 4030 ELITE suit is now part of several program auctions, attracting interest from defense organizations and law enforcement agencies.

According to the manufacturer, users of recent events in the US EOD have commented on the flexibility of the suit, low weight, advanced explosion protection and the ability to configure the base suit with a wide range of accessories.

Communication, cooling and CBRN systems can be easily added to the suit without expensive system upgrades.