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Police minister slammed for congratulating police on response to deadly riots

[WATCH] The government’s security ministers have briefed the media on efforts to quell the riots currently sweeping the country.

  • The government’s security cluster briefed efforts to try to contain the riots.
  • During the briefing, Police Minister Becky Celle congratulated police on their response to the protests
  • It is understood that 10 people were killed after the outbreak of robberies and riots last week

As SANDF troops were stationed in parts of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal on Monday night, the death toll from deadly riots crippling parts of the country in recent days has risen to 10.

On Tuesday morning, the government’s security cluster briefed efforts to try to contain the riots.

Police Minister Becky Celle said police had managed to use “timely and critical” intelligence to respond to “problems on the ground” and congratulated officials on “the way they handled the issue”.

Law enforcement officers used this information to react quickly …

Bheki Cele, Minister of Police – Government of South Africa

Reading a pre-prepared statement, the minister said the situation on the ground was being monitored, adding that “we cannot allow anyone to mock our democracy”.

The briefing is the first time Minister Cele has spoken publicly since the riots began.

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