Residents of Chadwick place apartments speak out following shooting

Law enforcement agencies continue to investigate the motive behind the shooting.

OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A day after the incident, residents at the Chadwick Place Apartments are speaking out.

A weapon, one victim in the hospital, and two suspects on the run… the aftermath of a shooting in their complex has residents of the Chadwick Place Apartments worried.

Shots rang out just after 7 pm

”Seven people like called and texted me and asked if I was okay I know you live at Chadwick, there’s anything going on. I got like call after call after call after call, ”Taylor said.

Thomas Taylor never thought something like this would happen.

The MSU senior tells WCBI he wasn’t home when the shooting occurred.

“My friends told me there’s like five cop cars, undercover cops just showing up,” Taylor said.

“I didn’t hear anything till I walked outside and just saw the cop cars down there,” Campbell said.

Jackson Campbell lives just down this road – feet away from the crime scene.

Although Campbell didn’t hear the gunfire, he says this Maroon Alert popped up on his screen.

It reads “Gun shots reported near Chadwick Apts on Lee Blvd. Suspect seen fleeing toward campus. Officers are on scene. Avoid area. ”

“It kept me alert. I locked up and stayed safe, ”Campbell said.

Deputies cleared the scene an hour later…

“And the fact they ran towards campus is a little concerning as well,” Taylor said.

Students are relieved that MSU Police and Oktibbeha Deputies responded within minutes.

They’re located in the heart and center of the campus. They have equal means to reach everybody at a good time, ”said Freshman student, Grace Delahoussaye.

Law enforcement agencies continue to investigate the motive behind the shooting.

“I’m not quite sure what’s caused the spike of crime but it’s concerning,” Taylor said.

“It worries you obviously but you take your precautions and you trust law enforcement to do their part,” Campbell said.

The Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the shooting. If you have any information call them or Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers.