The Keyboard You Really Don’t Need Or Want

Most people think of the keyboard as a flat, obscure rectangular thing with about 100 different keys. The enthusiast of the mechanical keyboard would not agree wholeheartedly and would point to various keyless keyboards, 75%, 60% or 40%, which remove the idea of ​​what a keyboard is by removing the keys. [Stavros Korokithakis] accepts this concept and turns it aside create a five-button vertical keyboard known as Keyyyyyyyys.

This keyboard or keyboard is designed to be one-handed and without eye contact. With just five keys, it uses active chording to display all the necessary characters. It has a maximum of 32 possible states and subtraction does not press anything, as non-op leaves 31 possible key combinations. Yes [Stavros] he had to be creative and display the letters according to their frequency in English. Keyyyyyyyyys’ brain is the ubiquitous ESP32, which emulates a Bluetooth keyboard while wrapped in a plain box with 3D printing. The the code is hosted on GitLab.

If you don’t know how difficult it is to learn a five-key keyboard from scratch, definitely check it out [Stavros]’video embedded below. “Come on out.” We’ve heard reports that you can learn these things.

Although this five-key keyboard may seem small, this two-button keyboard still beating him with three keys. The one-button keyboard is just a Morse keyboard and we enjoy the Bluetooth wireless version.