The Starkville Police Department is getting new patrol cars to cruise the city – Home – WCBI TV

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Getting a new car typically brings a smile to anyone’s face especially if it has a little speed to it. The Starkville Police Department is seeing that as they are in the process of getting some new vehicles on their lot. The department is expected to add 14 new dodge chargers and a new motorcycle to its fleet, and officers could not wait to get behind the wheel.

“I’ve had the opportunity to drive all the cars on the lot in terms of the start out in a crown VIC, worked my way to a Taurus, and then an explorer. I loved all of them but when we got the chargers it’s a unique feel to it, ”said Corporal Chris English.

English and Chief Mark Ballard felt that the new vehicles will fit in with the changing times.

“The committee said we’ll like a new look and so in looking for a new look we went to grand theft auto 4, I’ve got mainly Millenials and now generation z in which we’re employing they love the look and if you ‘re going to be competitive in recruiting and you’re going to have a professional look we felt this would meet those standards, ”said Ballard.

Keeping a good look also appeals to the community.

“Imagery is important for any organization it’s just as important in law enforcement when you arrive you’ve got to have a professional look. You’ve got to be able to bring high standards and promote what you’re about, ”said Ballard.

Looks aren’t everything though; it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The cars boast advanced technology that allows officers to access information faster and the horses under the hood to get on the scene quicker.

“One thing that I love is getting someone on highway 12 when we have a speeder or drag racer they don’t even realize we have the V8 so it’s something that we don’t have we can catch up with you and we will,” said English .

All of the new cars will come in as the old ones begin to retire.