Transporting a suspect is a process that law enforcement know all too well

Transporting a prisoner isn’t a leisurely road-trip

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – 23- year – old Shad Reese was shot and killed in his vehicle on November 1, 2021. The suspected shooter, 19- year- old Kingduron Pyle, was tracked down in Shoshoni Wyoming later that month after police responded to a disturbance call.

“They alerted us saying hey we have found Mr. Pyle in our jurisdiction we understand that you all have a warrant for murder and we’ll be housing him at the jail and so we made contact with them letting them know we wanted him, ”said Columbus police chief Fred Shelton.

Shelton said going and getting a suspect is nothing new for police departments.

“That legal process is called extradition .. and basically what that is that .. It’s a legal process where if a person has another warrant in another state that another state will help us go through the legal process of getting them back,” Shelton said. .

Pyle waived extradition, meaning he chose to be sent back to Columbus to face charges. When law enforcement are contacted by other departments and agencies; They have to determine if and how they’ll get the suspect back in their hands.

“We looked at several options one option was to hire a private company to transport him back but that was too costly for us so what we wound up doing was sending two of our police officers in a police vehicle and that worked out very well for us , ”Said Shelton.

Transporting a prisoner isn’t a leisurely road-trip. Extra security measures are taken, and officers have to be alerted at all times. Getting the suspect back into the jurisdiction is important, not only to the case but also to the community.

“This helps bring some closure to the family the person that’s charged with killing their loved ones is now in custody and will be going through the criminal justice process to be prosecuted. Said Shelton.

The next step is getting Pyle’s case through the legal process.