When I was in Nkandla all was in order, I left satisfied

Lindive Sisulu, Minister of Settlements, Water and Sewerage, claims that Zuma supporters are following health protocols in Nkandla

Former President Jacob Zuma gave a public address live from his home in Nkandla on Sunday night on issues related to the Constitutional Court’s ruling against him.

He mentioned his concerns that South Africa was returning to apartheid-type rule and faced prolonged detention without trial. He went on to explain that his age, state of health and all other mitigating circumstances were not taken into account when the prison was decided by the Con court.

Asked about a Zuma supporter who gathered in front of the former president’s mansion in Nkandla, Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sewerage Lindiveh Sisulu said the visuals and media comments were fake and that when assessing the area, people respected health. provisions.

I wasn’t there long, I probably spent 30 to 40 minutes, because I had to go to a meeting in Durban. I looked around the place, greeted the soldiers, and what I hear on the radio that it happened is very different from what I witnessed when I was there.

Lindive Sisulu, Minister – Human Settlements, Water and Sewerage

If you look at the visuals where I was; and I was walking up and down the streets, there were a few people who didn’t follow the health protocols, maybe the incident you’re talking about was when I left the premises.

Lindive Sisulu, Minister – Human Settlements, Water and Sewerage

I want to disagree with the people who say that yesterday the issue was against the rules and regulations. When I arrived, there were no more than the required number of people, the police were present and I had an interview with the eNCA who complained about a shooting that people say did not happen.

Lindive Sisulu, Minister – Human Settlements, Water and Sewerage

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A researcher at the Council for the Advancement of the Constitution of South Africa, Dan Mafora, says that the former president had to surrender according to the instructions of ConCourt.

What remains is up to the minister and commissioner within the three days the court has given them to make sure Zuma appears in a correctional facility so that he can begin his sentence.

Dan Mafora, Research Fellow – Council for Progress on the Constitution of South Africa

Mafora went on to explain how the request for termination did not suspend the validity of an existing order issued by the Constitutional Court.

There is obvious confusion about the consequences of an application for annulment and an appeal, but we all know that the Constitutional Court cannot be appealed, so it is not possible for an application to have the same effect as an appeal.

Dan Mafora, Research Fellow – Council for Progress on the Constitution of South Africa (CASAC)

Human rights lawyer Richard Spor explained why he believes the Constitutional Court made many mistakes before even convicting Zuma.

It is important to note that I do not assume that the Concourt’s decision is wrong, but I think the problem started much earlier when the court agreed to consider Zuma’s contempt of court at the request of the Zondo Committee. . They had to let the Supreme Court rule on that decision.

Richard Spor, human rights lawyer

As many question the lack of law enforcement in the super distributor Nkandla, police insist they are investigating the rallies.

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