​Rafael demonstrates Transparent Battlefield capabilities for German Army – Digital Battlespace

The German program evaluates the advanced tactical capabilities for radio and sensor to shooter.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems completes the second phase of the Transparent Battlefield study for the German army after demonstrating its BNET advanced software defined radio (SDR) communication capability and its Fire weaver sensor system to the shooter (pictured).

The event, organized by the main contractor of transparent battlefields Atos Information, took place in Paderborn in November 2020, but Raphael confirmed it only on January 14, 2021.

The demonstration included live traffic from Pegasus UAVs (manufactured by the subsidiary of Rafael Aeronautics) and the Fire Weaver system, transferred via BNET Hand-Held and BNET Vehicle.

According to Shephard Defense Insight, BNET is a dual-band SDR designed for tactical operations. The system provides congestion-resistant high-speed data and voice (analog and VoIP) for use in combat communications.

BNET technology is available in many configurations: Manual for soldiers in the field; Vehicle for operation of combat vehicles; and Airborne for fixed wing platforms and rotary wings.

Transparent Battlefield uses drones and combat vehicles to create a 3D picture of mobile operations in real time. The program is being implemented for the German defense procurement agency BAAINBw, and more phases are planned for the coming years.

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