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DALLAS, Feb. 7, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Astrapi Corporation is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued Astrapi US Patent No. 11,184,201, “Communications Devices, Systems, Software and Methods Employing Symbol Waveform Hopping”, Patent no. 11,228,477 “Devices, Systems and Methods Employing Polynomial Symbol Waveforms”, and Patent No. 11,240,088, “Method and Systems for Transmitting and Receiving Data Using Non-Periodic Functions.” Significantly, Astrapi now holds eighteen (18) issued US Patents with more pending and international coverage.

Astrapi has four distinct capabilities: Spiral Modulation; Waveform Hopping Symbol; an advanced Non-stationary Software Spectrum Analyzer; and a novel approach to greatly reduce the computational overheard required for certain encryption methodologies. Generally, Astrapi Patents cover solutions to improve spectral efficiency, to secure signal transmissions, and to the identification, discrimination, and characterization of signals and other activity in a dynamic non-stationary electromagnetic spectrum.

Spiral Modulation enables Astrapi to construct signals from the sum of complex spirals rather than the customary sine waves. This unleashes, for the first time, the ability to fully exploit the capabilities of a continuously non-stationary spectrum. Spiral Modulation improves the trade-off between the four fundamental parameters in telecommunications: signal power, data throughput, occupied bandwidth, and error rate. Astrapi licenses this capability into modems, radios, smart devices, and sensors addressing satellite, terrestrial wireless, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and defense networks that are capacity and signal power constrained.

Symbol Waveform Hopping (SWH) exploits the huge symbol waveform design space that is characteristic of Astrapi’s patented Spiral Modulation technology. Astrapi developed the use of Polynomial Symbol Waveform (PSW) alphabets, in which each symbol corresponds to a particular bandlimited polynomial. SWH is analogous to Frequency Hopping, but SWH uniquely operates in the time domain rather than the frequency domain, thus providing an advanced secure signal transmission capability.

Astrapi’s Non-stationary Software Spectrum Analyzer (NSSA) provides a way to measure occupied bandwidth (OBW) and other properties of a real-world non-stationary spectrum that would otherwise require a hardware swept-tuned spectrum analyzer (HSTSA) for accurate characterization . The NSSA provides 10X more precise frequency resolution, is more sensitive to small sources, can reduce the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) of deployed equipment solutions, and can reduce the computational cost of wide-spectrum monitoring.

Recently, Astrapi has been awarded two Phase II contracts from the USAF AFWERX program and has partnered with Space Micro, Inc., to demonstrate applications of both Spiral Modulation and Symbol Waveform Hopping. These projects will use Space Micro’s Nanocom ™, a small form factor, cost-effective Software Defined Radio (SDR) designed to perform in extreme environmental conditions. Nanocom is programmable on orbit and contains the latest-generation Xilinx Zynq System on a Chip (SoC) whose extensive availability of programmable logic resources supports sophisticated, cognitive anti-jamming algorithms. Its modular design allows for ease of configuration to support different data rates, frequencies, bandwidths and interfaces. Space Micro’s SDRs are space qualified and are part of both commercial and DoD programs such as the Space Development Agency’s Tranche 0 Transport Layer.

The Astrapi team has worked very hard to advance our capabilities. The fruit of that labor is paying off as our team now has eighteen issued US patents with more pending, and international coverage. These capabilities are built on the shoulders of Spiral Modulation; , we now have three additional distinct capabilities that address commercial, defense, and government challenges related to optimization of a very, very expense resource – spectrum.We are thrilled to be working with Space Micro’s SDR.We look forward to pushing all of these advanced capabilities out into the various markets we serve that make-up segments within the $ 4 trillion telecommunications industry, “said Dr. Jerrold ProtheroFounder and CEO of Astrapi Corporation.

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Astrapi provides fundamentally new ways to optimize the use of the spectrum, to secure signal transmission, and to measure power in a non-stationary spectrum. Astrapi is able to improve the trade-off between the four fundamental parameters in telecommunications: bandwidth, signal power, data throughput, and error rate. The resulting efficiency translates into higher spectral performance with more bits available at a lower cost. Currently, Astrapi has eighteen US Patents issued, with more pending and with corresponding international patent coverage. Further information is available at


Space Micro Inc., powered by Voyager Space, and based in San Diego, CA., is an engineering-driven supplier of affordable, high-performance, radiation-hardened communications, electro-optics, and digital systems for use in commercial, civil, and military space applications around the world. Space Micro solutions include Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) transmitters, mission data transmitters, space cameras,

star trackers, image processors, Command & Data Handling (C&DH) systems and laser communications systems.

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