British Army puts SlingShot into use

The British Army uses the SlingShot as an option for VHF radio Bowman. (Photo: Spectra Group)

The British Army’s chief information officer described the ability to communicate with bolts as a “game for change”.

The British army has deployed SlingShot tactical communication system working with the Inmarsat L-band Tactical Satellite service, as an additional option along with the operation Bowman VHF radio.

The result for the troops is BLoS communication capability, “which would otherwise only be available to more specialized units,” the manufacturer of the SlingShot Spectra Group said in a March 25 statement.

Major General Jonathan Cole, director of information and director of information technology for the British Army, described the SlingShot as a “game for change” and a “fantastic addition to our communications equipment”.

SlingShot can be integrated with working UHF and VHF tactical communication systems to expand the range of radio stations from 30 km to 1000 km “on the move in all conditions”, the company added.

In addition to BLoS voice, SlingShot includes data capabilities with tools for situation awareness, GPS tracking, reporting and other data messaging, without the requirement for a terrestrial infrastructure for LoS retransmission, which requires the deployment of more troops.

Troops also travel lighter, Spectra said, as they no longer need to carry Bowman and UHF tactical SATCOM radios.

“Both can now be done using the same radio,” the company said, adding that omnidirectional antennas with SlingShot allow real-time communication in motion.

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