Cohort subsidiary EID to supply tactical radios for Portuguese Army

The cohort subsidiary EID has secured a contract from the Portuguese army for the supply of tactical radios and ancillary equipment.

The company will begin deliveries under a 16.7m-euro contract this year and run until 2026.

The cohort said the deal would build on previous contracts with the Portuguese military and provide the service with an advanced tactical communications system.

The software-defined radio-based communications system will be compatible with other NATO countries, the company added.

The Portuguese army currently uses EID’s software-defined combat network radio PRC-525 as a standard backpack and car radio.

In July 2017, EID won a contract to provide tactical radio systems PRC-525 for integration into the shelters of the Army’s Tactical Communication and Information System (SIC-T).

The PRC-525 radio is in operation with the Portuguese army and navy. The high-performance digital battle network radio can cover the HF, VHF and UHF frequency bands.

The military uses radio in operational scenarios, exercises and peacekeeping missions.

Under this contract, EID will also supply deployable base systems and power amplifiers for in-vehicle use and antenna tuning modules.

Cohort CEO Andy Tomis said: “I am very pleased that EID received this agreement, continuing our long and deep relationship with the Portuguese Army.

“This agreement will provide EID with a significant flow of long-term revenue and, along with other recent gains in the group, will improve the visibility of the group’s future revenues.”

The software-defined tactical radio is designed for use in portable, automotive and stationary applications.