Comparing the SATURN Waveform to HAVEQUICK and How it Improves Battlespace Comms

The ability of military communication platforms to adapt to today’s needs and expectations of combatants is crucial for the defense community. This is especially true of anti-congestion technologies, which are crucial to mission readiness and combat safety. This specific need led to the development of the HAVEQUICK waveform program. “The HAVEQUICK program was a response to silence and remained a vital ability to counter the enemy’s efforts to silence,” said a new white paper from Collins Aerospace.Comparison of SATURN and HAVEQUICK.

This white paper contains insights from Trent Trpkosh, TacAir and HF Solutions Manager at Collins Aerospace and offers a direct comparison of the waveform HAVEQUICK program and the SATURN program. It compares everything from modulation, to waveform type, to data characteristics.

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According to the introduction to the White Paper, “SATURN (NATO’s second-generation tactical UHF radio) is the latest form of UHF coalition for military air operations, as defined by the Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4372. developed as a substitute for the HQ waveform. “As technological advances become more stable and precise, the transition to the SATURN waveform is fast becoming the standard for military communications.

Wheeled aerospace colleague Joseph Graf added: “In the world of tactical communications, complacency kills. With the continued rapid advancement of commercial technology, the threat to secure communications has never been more real. Fortunately, tactically Software defined radio Technology (SDR) positions our military forces to evolve into a waveform as threats change.

The battlefield is becoming increasingly contested, and our army’s ability to adapt to those increasingly sophisticated, close enemies is paramount. And an effective way to do this is through modernization of tactical waveforms and regular improvements in anti-jamming military communications capabilities.

The SATURN waveform program continues to evolve and improve as the needs of combatants in the nearby combat area become more complex. Today, SATURN Edition 3 (ED3) is widespread and Edition 4 (ED4) is in the process of ratification. Many of the optional modes in ED3 become mandatory in ED4 and also add crypto upgrades. In addition, future requirements will be made with the emerging SATURN Enhanced Data Rate (SEDR), which includes such things as higher performance, IP capability and some MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc NETworking) capabilities, which opens the door to simultaneous voice work. and data. The suitability of SATURN for ground support and near-air maintenance (CAS) is also being investigated.

Interested in learning more about the new SATURN waveform and how it compares to HAVEQUICK? Download this white paper from Collins Aerospace on the topic.