Cyber tech firm Penten joins Team Maier

Airbus Defense and Space announced that Penten, one of Australia’s leading cyber security companies, has joined Team Maier to provide a ground segment sovereign encryption for the JP9102 milsatcom program.

Working in tandem with other Team Maier partners, Penten will design and build the transmission security module to ensure that Australia’s milsatcom capability cannot be jammed or intercepted. The solution will leverage Penten’s AltoCrypt Stik technology, which enables the safe exchange of sensitive information using modern devices and is Approved for Use by the Australian Signals Directorate.

Penten will apply its encryption technology to Airbus Defense and Space’s proprietary Proteus software defined radio (SDR) modem to deliver a battle-proven, high bandwidth, and resilient anti-jamming solution capable of mitigating interference from even the most sophisticated foreign entities. With Team Maier going further than any other bid in its commitment to Australian Industry Capability (AIC), Penten will be offered the opportunity to evolve the Proteus modem into a domestic solution suitable for addressing Australia’s future needs.

Matthew Wilson, CEO, Penten, said: “We are excited to partner with Airbus in Team Maier and offer an entirely Australian-developed cyber technology solution to protect Australia’s military communications. Joining Team Maier also offers a potential export gateway for Penten’s technology to be used across Airbus’ satellite solutions globally. ”

Martin Rowse, Director, Space – Australia, Airbus Defense and Space, said: “Encryption is a key cornerstone of milsatcom and, as Australia’s leading sovereign encryption solutions provider, Penten will be critical to the future success of Australia’s capability. Combined with Airbus Defense and Space’s Proteus SDR modem, Penten will enable Team Maier to offer a proven, ready-to-launch solution with world leading resilience and anti-jam capability.

“Given that Proteus’ predecessor, the Paradigm modem, was developed here in Australia, it’s fitting that this technology should return home to enable Penten to lead a new wave of Australian technology development for the future of Australian military capability.”

Team Maier’s solution will provide the Australian Government with sovereign control, enabling milsatcom to provide communications and imagery in support of civil authorities’ disaster response efforts, without the need for third country permission.

Penten is based in Canberra, Australia, and will join other Team Maier members SSTL, Willyama Services, Microsoft, Clearbox Systems, as well as other ground segment members Blacktree Technology, and UGL. Team Maier is the Airbus-led unique teaming arrangement that brings together Australian technology and engineering SMEs and academic partners to design and build a sovereign, secure milsatcom solution, built in Australia, for Australia.

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