Cybersecurity software for data encryption to equip small satellites


March 30, 2022

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WASHINGTON. SpiderOak Mission Systems and Lockheed Martin Space’s Mission Solutions business are developing and testing a zero-trust cybersecurity platform to secure data across the space data supply chain.

The two companies have signed an agreement to field key components of the SpiderOak OrbitSecure platform. OrbitSecure is designed to allow national security and civil space agencies to harness the commercial ground station network networks around the world while providing Type 1 data encryption.

According to the company, OrbitSecure is SpiderOak’s lightweight, software-only solution for ground and space platforms to secure all data types over untrusted infrastructure, including both unencrypted networks and commercial operators.

OrbitSecure is built on SpiderOak’s open-source Distributed Ledger Platform (DLP), a blockchain and encryption software development kit that allows space developers to embed zero-trust security at the application layer. DLP is optimized for ultra-low power, making it suited for the new generation of small satellites. SpiderOak will work with Lockheed Martin in adapting SpiderOak’s commercial technology to new uses for potential military and intelligence community satellite operators.

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