Harris Demos P25 Waveform for Military Radio (12/13)

Harris Demos P25 waveform for military radio (12/13)

Wednesday, 13 December 2006 | Comments

Harris demonstrates a new programmable waveform that allows the Falcon III AN / PRC-152 (C) to interact with commercially available Project 25 (P25) -based radios. This waveform allows for interoperability of communications between military users, civilian authorities and first responders, Harris officials said. According to Harris, AN / PRC-152 will be the first tactical radio to use the P25 waveform. The production version of the APCO P25 waveform will be available until the summer of 2007 in new AN / PRC-152 (C) radios or as an additional upgrade to the field software. The AN / PRC-152 radio, currently deployed by the US military, provides protected type 1 SINCGARS, Havequick II, HPW, VHF / UHF and Mil-Std-188-181B UHF satellite communication capabilities. It is based on a software communication architecture (SCA), a software-defined radio (SDR) with an optional built-in GPS module. The radio is also part of the AN / VRC-110 system used by US forces to provide automotive communications. “Adding the APCO P25 waveform to tactical radios allows military and intelligence users, including the National Guard and Reserves, the FBI and FEMA, to communicate with first responders,” said Andy Adams, vice president of product management for Harris RF Communications. .