Harris introduces two waveforms to improve RF-7800V VHF handheld software-defined radio

ROCHESTER, NY, February 14, 2012Military communications designers from Harris Corp. The RF Communications Division in Rochester, New York, presents two software defined radio (SDR) waveforms for tactical manual combat radio network Falcon III RF-7800V VHF. The radio waveforms – essentially computer programs that help software-defined radio stations to perform specific tasks – are designed for increased information security and electronic countermeasures (ECCM).

The Quicklook 3 waveform offers ultra-fast frequency hopping frequencies, and the Quicklook Wide waveform provides 64 kilobits per second of data skipped while the frequency jumps, Harris officials said. The waveforms are primarily for export to international military forces to protect tactical communications from jamming and atmospheric disturbances.

Quicklook 3 offers a 10-fold increase in frequency hopping over traditional frequency hopping, and Quicklook-Wide provides a five-fold increase in frequency skip bandwidth, Harris officials said.

The Falcon III RF-7800V 10-watt radio provides the range and performance of a backpack in a handheld radio, which weighs 2.43 pounds. The radio operates in the low frequency bands from 30 to 108 MHz VHF and supports data rates up to 192 kilobits per second.

For more information, contact Harris RF Communications online at http://rf.harris.com.