Orolia presents software-defined GNSS simulator with MNSA

Photo: Orolia

Photo: Orolia

Orolia Defense & Security has received security approval from SMC Production Corps. for BroadSim MNSA (upgraded Navstar security algorithm).

The company delivered its first batch of MNSA M-Code to a number of customers in late August. BroadSim MNSA joins the P (Y) -Code and AES M-Code as another GPS encrypted signal that Orolia Defense & Security supports, the company said.

Thought, skill and patience have been put into developing this solution, ”said Tyler Homan, Product Director at Orolia. “Not only have we taken an innovative approach to ensuring the security of this technology, our implementation has been designed with ease of use and is paramount – from orders, delivery, installation, testing – so that our customers can spend more time supporting on their mission and less time to run their simulator. “

According to Orolia BroadSim, it is a proven and reliable solution among the government, the Ministry of Defense and military customers with over 100 systems. BroadSim was recently selected by the US military to support a variety of tests of military GPS receivers, the company added.

BroadSim MNSA users receive a step-by-step guide that allows them to seamlessly set up and generate MNSA in minutes and quickly downgrade the system instantly, Orolia said.

The option is currently available as a software upgrade for current BroadSim users or as a purchase with Orolia’s BroadSim hardware platform.

Orolia Defense & Security, which operates as a proxy company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Orolia, provides resilient PNT solutions to U.S. government agencies, defense organizations, and their contractors.