Rohde & Schwarz achieves software-defined radio delivery milestone

Rohde & Schwarz has achieved a milestone with the delivery of its 1000th AN/ARC-238 software-defined radio (SDR) to Lockheed Martin.

The AN/ARC-238 SDR includes two airborne radios from Rohde & Schwarz’s SOVERON radio family, known as the R&S MR6000R/L radios.

The radio will be integrated onto the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft.

The technology fulfills the requirement of secure communication while being compatible with the F-16 jets.

Rohde & Schwarz Market Segment Avionics vice-president Stefan Pleyer said: “To reach this milestone is a great privilege and showcases our team’s ability to continuously produce and distribute high-quality software-defined airborne radios in support of the F-16.

“I am confident that our SOVERON radios make the F-16 even more efficient. We are proud to work with Lockheed Martin, delivering the 1,000th SDR.”

In 2019, Lockheed Martin selected Rohde & Schwarz as the preferred supplier to deliver its SDR for the F-16 aircraft Block 70.

Lockheed Martin’s F‑16 Block 70/72 aircraft is the most advanced version of this aircraft.

The version leverages capability and structural upgrades to ensure the international F‑16 fleet can sustain itself until 2060 and beyond.

Rohde & Schwarz’s AN/ARC-238 comprises two transceivers, one of which is remotely controlled and installed in the avionics bay.

The other transceiver is installed in the aircraft’s cockpit and is controlled by the control panel.

Lockheed Martin International Business vice-president Raymond Piselli said: “The F-16 is a critical piece of the 21st-century security network, offering advanced interoperable capabilities.

“With more than 3,000 F-16s operating in 25 countries, we are focused on helping our customers seamlessly and securely connect all assets in the joint battlespace.”

Last year, Rohde & Schwarz was selected by Boeing to supply software-defined, multiband-capable airborne transceivers for the US Air Force’s T-7A Red Hawk aircraft.

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