Sat-Com – Repeater and Re-Broadcasting Systems

The military radios Sat-Com Leopard1 and Cheetah3 are capable of various communication modes, including Repeater and Re-Bro (Cross Band).

Each Sat-Com Manpack SDR (software-defined radio) can be configured to act as a human packet, a high-power PA exciter, a repeater receiver / transmitter, or a Re-Bro system.

AD-HOC repeaters and Re-Bro:

Sat-Com man-pack SDRs can be configured to create special tactical portable or stationary low-power repeaters and counting systems by simply adding a Cross Connect cable and making a few menu settings.

This would adapt communications to most commercial and other legacy communications kits already in service. Returning to Radio with PL / DPL / CTCSS only takes a setting in the menu options.

Tactical / permanent repeaters and re-count:

Tactical and permanent repeater / Re-Bro systems can be created using any of our SDR, Leopard1 or Cheetah3 and the Re-Bro-X-Repeater harness.

The high power systems are created using our specially designed racks for and the Dual Triple Band RF AFRACAL2 Power Amplifier.

Mobile or stationary fast-deploying repeaters and counting stations can be created using the Re-Bro X Repeater and with several menu settings.

Once the mission is completed, all SRDs and amplifiers can be redirected to tactical Man-Packs and base stations.

Special tactics low power Re-Bro

Cheetah3 Re-Bro / Repeater.

By adding # CAB-REP-1 Cross-connect a cable between any of the radio stations during a mission and make several menu settings, a portable ad-hoc Repeater or Re-Bro can be created in minutes.

The Transmitted output power the system will be equal to the maximum power of the radio packet 10W / 10W while Receiver sensitivity will be equal to backpack standards.

  • VHF / VHF 10W (Repeat)
  • VHF / UHF 10W (Re-Bro)
  • UHF / UHF 10W (Re-Bro)

Two standard options are listed on the right, 2 x Man-Pack radios mounted in the Cheetah3 trunk and 2 Leopard1 Man-Pack radios in a specially designed stand.

Suitable duplexers and pre-selected filters for improved isolation in noisy environments are connected for narrow-frequency isolators.

Leopard1 Re-Bro / Repeater.

Advanced tactics scope of communication is obtained by placing the system at a higher level. The higher the effective height, the wider the range. If an effective height is not available, the antenna with a ramp or a higher amplifying antenna can be raised up to 10 meters in the trees, thus extending the range of communication by several kilometers.

In such a deployment configuration, the radios will simply be powered through their respective hand batteries. Radios have built-in battery chargers and by connecting a portable flexible solar panel or other external DC source, the tactical portable repeater / repeater system can be available indefinitely.

The system can run in COMSEC and TRANSEC mode, so that the digital voice voice and fast frequency hopping modes can be switched on for common use. security and anonymity.

High power mobile and tactical repeater / Re-Bro

By adding #CBL-REBRO-HAR Re-Bro Harness to any of our powerful base stations or mobile stations for mission and make a few settings from the menu, you can create a high-power repeater or Re-Bro system using existing base stations transceivers and amplifier .

The Transmitted output power the system will be 100 / 75W in FM 30-512Mhz and 125W in 1.6-30 SSB while Receiver sensitivity will be equal to backpack standards.

  • HF / VHF 125 / 100W (Re-Bro)
  • HF / UHF 125 / 75W (Re-Bro)
  • VHF / VHF 100W (Repeat)
  • UHF / UHF 75W (Repeat)

Advanced tactics scope of communication even more is achieved by placing the system on a mast or tower and, if possible, in a higher place. The higher the effective height, the wider the range. Distances of up to 80 km on a 10 m mast to mobile systems have been achieved.

In such a deployment configuration the system can be powered from AC or DC. We recommend using our AC / Solar Charger to charge a 100Ah battery from suitable sources, such as AC and / DC chargers such as alternator, wind or solar chargers, allowing continuous operation and control indefinitely.

Power options

Various power options are available on the Repeater and Re-Bro systems to ensure continuous communication during the mission.

AC / DC solar chargers can maintain enough equipment power in a variety of challenging situations they may encounter to ensure that equipment availability is extremely high.

Sat-Com’s technical sales team can help our customers choose the best options for their needs.

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