Secure military and civil airborne software-defined radio introduced by Rohde & Schwarz

Munich – Rohde & Schwarz in Munich introduce R&S SDAR in the air software defined radio s sure, high-speed communications for data that can be certified military and civilian use.

R&S SDAR is an IP-based radio that supports waveform transmission regardless of the manufacturer. The radio is designed as an open platform based on the International Standard for Communication Communication Architecture (SCA), with a strict separation between radio hardware and waveforms.

This makes it possible to transfer SCA-based waveforms, including those from other manufacturers, as well as older waveforms to the radio. It also allows users to create and modify embedded encryption along with waveforms to create secure communication channels that provide interoperability between different branches of a country’s armed forces.

The radio protects national data and promotes information superiority in joint operations and combined missions. Rohde & Schwarz can provide network waveforms to handle different mission requirements.

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The waveforms of the R&S HDR family can transmit not only data, but also two voice channels in parallel at high speed and with different priorities.

Users can choose the waveform that best suits a communication scenario in terms of range, data rate, and attenuation resistance. In addition, R&S HDR waveforms integrate secure encryption algorithms to protect military communications.

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