Sentry-H 6110-MP – Army Technology

The Codan’s Sentry-H 6110-MP offers a reliable human-portable software-defined radio (SDR) solution for military organizations that require uncompromising, secure voice and data communication while on the go.

The 6110-MP is an integral part of the Sentry-H product family, which meets the requirements of the modern battlefield, while offering full backward compatibility with older products. Codan’s Sentry-H 6110-MP provides powerful 30W RF output power and up to 79 hours of battery life at less than 4.7 kg.

The internal SDR architecture of the Codan 6110 MP includes the latest generation of high-performance digital signal processor (DSP), Field Programmable Gate Army (FPGA) and chip system technology (SoC). It provides exceptional performance and future upgradeability over IP connectivity via Ethernet / Wi-Fi and USB.



The 6110-MP sets a new standard for the size and weight of high-frequency radios with a focus on strength and reliability. It weighs less than 4.7 kg, including the battery, with one of the smallest factors available.

30 W high power

The 6110-MP has a full 30W RF output power in a highly efficient SDR platform that can provide up to 55 hours of battery life. With an extremely clean transmission signal and industry-leading receiver performance, the 6110-MP provides exceptional high-frequency communication.

Long battery life

The high-performance design of the 6110-MP allows 79 hours of operation on a single battery charge. It uses standard BB-2590 style military batteries, using the latest technological advances and flexibility of supply.

MIL Spec

Designed and tested to the strictest military standards, it inherits Codan’s time-proven reliability.

Intuitive work

Kodan knows that when life is online, the operation of the radio must be of a second nature. The 6110-MP provides an intuitive user interface that can be switched to different languages ​​for quick and instinctive control.

Discrete mode

Designed for tactical operations, providing the operator with special control of the radio emission of sound and light via a discrete mode switch.

Software defined radio

The software-defined architecture allows you to download and upgrade new features through software to make sure your investment is future.

Secure voice and data

Combined with AES-256 encryption, second-generation Digital Voice technology and high-speed MIL / STANAG data formats, it provides superior and secure voice and data quality in the most challenging channel conditions.

Frequency skip

The ability to skip frequencies helps prevent third-party communications from being monitored. It supports up to 31 user-programmable hop plans and can be combined with voice encryption to provide a high level of ECCM and communication security.


Suites for data applications such as Codan SprintChat and SprintNet provide broadcast and peer-to-peer text chat, email and file transfers, as well as email and phone SMS gateways, ensuring that the requirements for your mission data can be fully met.


3G ALE provides fast connection and secure data exchange. Fully encrypted long-range solution for tactical data communication, optimized for performance in low-noise environments when 2G ALE fails.

Built-in GPS

Both the 6110-MP and 2320 have built-in GPS receivers, ensuring that waveform synchronization and position reading are available with the added complexity and potential failure of externally connected GPS devices.

Intelligent handset control

Sentry Handset provides an intuitive user interface and an easy-to-read layout combined with the ability to switch between multiple native languages.

Multi-language support

A truly customizable communication solution, with the ability to support an unlimited number of additional languages. Supports: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, Arabic, Dari, Pashto and Portuguese.