Software Defined Radios For Russian Armed Forces

The Russian Armed Forces will be equipped with software defined radio communication systems, Maj. Gen. Khalil Arslanov, the chief of the Main Communications Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces was quoted as saying by Ria Novosti Today.

“A new generation radio communication complex with unique features that can outperform all other systems of the type is being developed. This system will be better than other radio systems created by other nations, ”Arslanov said.

“In the near future, military services and local departments will be provided with new-generation digital portable radio communication devices,” Arslanov added.

According to Arslanov, the devices have already been successfully used by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and have been implemented highly effective during the Sochi Winter Olympics.

SDR is a radio communication system that helps in tuning to any frequency band and receives any modulation across a large frequency spectrum with the help of a programmable hardware and controlled by software.

The new radio system helps in creating coded communication channels with no technical interferences and intelligence hacks.