Spectranetix Introduces High-Precision A-PNT Card Aligned to Army CMOSS and SOSA™ Technical Standard

SUNNYVALE, CA – () – Spectranetix, Inc., a Pacific defense company, is proud to announce the SX-124, a robust 3U OpenVPX ™ high-performance position, navigation and time (PNT) solution. With its ability to provide time and positioning information in a GPS-free environment by merging sensors, the SX-124 switch is a must-have module in the next generation of Cyber ​​/ EW / SIGINT / Comms / BMS and other highly integrated systems requiring modular open package of US Army C5ISR standards (CMOSS) and harmonization with the technical standard of Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture S (SOSA).

The SX-124 can receive external resources or use its Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) on-board receivers as reference inputs for time and location data. Position data can be combined with internal and external inertial units (IMU). It distributes eleven 100 MHz outputs and eleven 1PPS outputs in a phase coherent manner. The SX-124 provides synchronization and position retention from an internal atomic clock with chip scale (CSAC) and IMU. It also has a built-in clock for the day to provide accurate network time stamps when booting the system without GPS. The SX-124 also provides enhanced location information and can be connected to an external IMU as well as a Controlled Reception Antenna (CPRA). The SX-124 supports VICTORY’s standard shared PNT services from a built-in GNSS synchronization receiver with an optional built-in M-Code GB-GRAM receiver, CSAC and altimeter barometer. With the possibility of a future extension for air key re-support (OTAR), external optical gyroscope (FOG), alternative navigation (ALTNAV) and additional GNSS systems such as Galileo, the SX-124 becomes a unique offering in the market to support the need for defense a community of high-performance guaranteed PNT (A-PNT) solution in 3U VPX form factor and compliant with the latest open set of standards. “Reliable situational information and cooperative, network maneuvers require guaranteed PNT capability. Our A-PNT solution encompasses the open pntOS sensor fusion framework and supports multiple sensor connections, including GNSS receiver, GB-GRAM, IMU, FOG, CRPA and 2-channel software-defined RF receiver for added flexibility. Combined with excellent synchronization and frequency performance and CMOSS alignment, this PNT card is another example of our commitment to CMOSS and SOSA.“Said Daniel Kilfoil, technical director of Pacific Defense.

Spectranetix is ​​the market leader in developing high-performance CMOSS / SOSA products, including mission-ready systems through the parent company, with a stable product range, including SX-430 Software Defined Radio (SDR), SX-330 Single Board Computer SBC) and digital signal processor SX-310 (DSP) currently in use. The SX-124 Precision Navigation and Timing (PNT) card discussed in this press release and the recently announced SX-153 Dual Enclave 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet Switch card are on the road for production early next year.

About Spectranetix, Inc.

Spectranetix, based in Silicon Valley and Seattle, builds state-of-the-art CMOSS systems compliant with the SOSA technical standard and wireless technologies for defense major, military groups, government agencies and commercial industries. The main competencies of Spectranetix are the construction of hardware / software / tools in accordance with open standards, radio frequency communications, electronic warfare technologies, system design, networking and hardware / software integration. Information about Spectranetix is ​​available at www.spectranetix.com. Spectranetix is ​​part of the Pacific Defense family of companies. Headquartered in El Segundo, California, Pacific Defense takes an organic, trade-oriented approach to electromagnetic spectrum technologies and solutions for military use. Pacific Defense supports the disciplined movement of DoD toward modular open standards and reflects the way military services handle EMS warfare. For more information visit www.pacific-defense.com.