TDB Capacitors – Rugged Design In A Compact Package

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TDB CapacitorIntroducing the TDB series, our newest radial form factor, consisting of a 1” X 1” square footprint. This product series delivers the same hi-rel quality as offered in the other Quantic Evans product series in a compact package. The TDB series has a wide range of ratings between 10-125V and comes in 5 different heights. These capacitors are perfectly suited for applications where SWaP savings and high reliability are crucial to the design, such as avionics, space, and naval.

TDB series capacitors are designed to pass the screening and qualification requirements as outlined in NASA INST-002, making them ideal for use in space applications from low earth orbit to deep space. Their industry-leading power density makes them the ideal choice to achieve power-hold up needs to meet MIL-STD-704 / DO-160. Their ultra-low ESR enables high current pulsing applications including radar, laser, electromagnetic pulse, LIDAR, and many more.

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