TE Connectivity introduces small but mighty high-voltage contactor

TE Connectivity, a leader in connectivity and sensors, released an additional configuration of its KILOVAC CAP120R contactor.

TE’s KILOVAC CAP120R contactor is ideal for defense, marine, UAM (urban air mobility), UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) commercial and military aerospace applications requiring lightweight latching coils and reduced power consumption.

The CAP120R contactor now features a high-voltage latching configuration. The 150-amp DC contactor also includes single pole, hermetically sealed auxiliary contacts with a latching actuator mechanism, allowing for low-power consumption uses.

“This solution was designed in response to a key industry need for higher voltage isolation, small size and weight and reduced power consumption,” said Earle Alldredge, a product manager in TE’s Aerospace, Defense and Marine division. “With this in mind, the TE KILOVAC CAP120R contactor delivers a highly versatile solution that is extremely small in size and lightweight relative to its voltage and current ratings, while still able to manage high voltages and high current systems for airborne application designs.”

The efficient design makes TE’s KILOVAC CAP120R contactor a reliable solution for power distribution, energy storage and battery systems and satisfies the demand for reliability in harsh environments for long-lasting systems due to the contactor’s lightweight design, which can withstand high break levels – 1,000 A at 400 VDC and 600 A at 600 VDC. The contactor also allows versatile installation through bidirectional load switching, and the main contacts are not polarity sensitive.

TE’s KILOVAC CAP120R contactor is designed to withstand harsh environments, offering:

  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Voltage maximum: 600 Vdc
  • Mechanical life (Min): 100,000 cycles
  • Weight (Nominal): 0.14 kg