Thales expands tactical communications portfolio – Digital Battlespace

Javelin MANET radio is rated by the US military as part of the future integrated tactical network.

Thales expects to begin production of its Javelin voice and data radio system in 2021, following estimates by the U.S. military at Fort Bragg and an expanded expeditionary military experiment.

Javelin was developed in less than 12 months to meet the requirements of modernizing the U.S. military network according to Integrated tactical network and the radio is being aligned with a non-developmental approach to implementing the feature set, the company announced on January 26th.

“Javelin provides the smallest radio voice and data factor on the market,” says Thales. Robust, single-channel, mobile ad-hoc network radio is compatible with other TSM-wave radios, including dual-channel Thales AN / PRC-148C / D systems.

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