TrellisWare Announces Completion of Field Demonstrations for HMS Operational Test Risk Reduction and New Warrior Robust Enhanced Networking (WREN) Narrowband (WREN NB) Waveform

SAN DIEGO–() – TrellisWare Technologies, Inc. directs the development and implementation of next-generation waveforms for the U.S. military. TrellisWare recently completed the successful implementation of two field demonstrations that show the continuous development of the army’s communication skills.

First field demonstration – TSM waveform

The first field demonstration was on the TSM waveform of the four handheld devices, Manpack and Small Form Fit (HMS) of the Product Manager Recording Program (PdM), forming a single interoperable TSM network that supports voice, data and Army Position Location Information (PLI) Concept of Operations (CONOPS). By collaborating with all platform vendors – Collins Aerospace for AN / PRC-162, L3Harris for AN / PRC-158 and AN / PRC-163 and Thales Defense & Security (TDSI) for AN / PRC-148C – TrellisWare has proven that based The software-defined radio (SDR) waveform can be deployed on existing army platforms to bring new networking capabilities to the army’s tools.

In addition, TrellisWare works closely with Program Manager’s (PM TR) tactical radio stations and the U.S. Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command (Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) to show that the TSM signal format can seamlessly support key military systems, namely the Nett Warrior End User (EUD) and the Joint Battle Command Platform (JBC-P).

As a result, the network that TrellisWare demonstrates was a system for the systematic presentation of the integrated operational test and assessment of PdM HMS (IOT & E), scheduled for early 2021. The success of the demonstration is a significant reduction in the risk of PdM HMS IOT&E, an event that will affect the full performance of PoR radio stations.

TrellisWare will continue its efforts to work with PM TR and platform vendors to demonstrate the Secret and Below (SAB) TSM capability, which uses the Warrior Robust Enhanced Networking (WREN) security specification.

Second field demonstration – WREN narrowband

The second demonstration of field stones was for the waveform WREN Narrowband (WREN NB), a new Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) waveform developed by TrellisWare. The new WREN NB waveform represents the modernization of elastic long-distance narrowband communications.

The WREN NB waveform is a high-frequency jumping narrowband waveform that has electronic countermeasure capability (ECCM). It provides simultaneous voice, PLI and control and management data (C2) in a network of 250+ nodes; works in VHF, UHF and L-frequency frequencies; supports multiple independent security levels (MILS); and is portable to PoR Manpack and Handheld Leader radios. The WREN NB waveform represents a new technological capability for the military to operate in a congested and contested environment and is planned to be included in their future range of capabilities.

In this on-site demonstration, TrellisWare was able to demonstrate the WREN NB waveform running on both the TDSI AN / PRC-148C and Collins AN / PRC-162 platforms. Simultaneous voice, PLI and data communication were shown in a multi-hop network topology. PLI and chat messages were exchanged using the NetD Warrior EUD, and a JBC-P system was used to view the Common Operational Picture (COP). “The Secretary of Defense’s (SARDP) Spectrum Access Research and Development Program has given the military the opportunity to add this upgraded capability to our toolkit,” said Herald Belgour, CIV U.S. Army CCDC C5ISR. year we will switch this waveform to PM TR and will continue to apply this ability at its pace. ”

“TrellisWare is leading the development and deployment of scalable and sustainable waveforms for the US military,” said Metin Bayram, president and CEO of TrellisWare. “Our TSM signal form is now a key component of the Integrated Tactical Network (ITN), which is scaled to support an entire battalion. With the completion of WREN NB, TrellisWare further enables the military with sustainable communications for operations in congested and contested environments. ”

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