TrellisWare Introduces New Body-Worn TSM™ Enabled Radio

SAN DIEGO–() – TrellisWare Technologies, Inc., announced today the launch of the TW-860 TSM Spirit радио radio, designed for next-generation military systems, public safety and first response requirements. Powered by TrellisWare® TSM mobile ad hoc network form (MANET) waveform, TSM Spirit radio is the most cost-effective radio with TSM capability, which facilitates the expansion of tactical networks to all who need to be connected.

TSM Spirit offers industry-leading dimensions, weight and power (SWaP) among networked network radios that carry voice, data and real-time positioning. The radio is designed to be integrated with wearable power systems and antennas carried in the body to further complement its slim, low-profile form factor. TSM Spirit radio supports spectrum covering 225-450 MHz, 700-970 MHz and 1250-2600 MHz, all in one software-defined radio (SDR).

“We’re excited about the capabilities of this new radio,” said Matt Folos, vice president of global business development and customer support. “Given TSM Spirit’s SWaP, you have a very wide range of coverage that supports global deployment. Compare that to the competition in this space and you’ll see narrowband radios covering only tens of megahertz, or a base radio with the extra weight of buying a lot of RF hardware modules to cover multiple bands. ”

Interoperable with all TSM-enabled radios, the TW-860 TSM Spirit supports a true flat panel with massive scalability in a single radio frequency (RF) channel, while providing fast location information (PLI) updates for each radio.

TrellisWare maintains an 800-node network at the company’s San Diego headquarters and can demonstrate this unique capability on demand.

For more information visit contact TrellisWare directly to organize a live demonstration.

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