Triad’s bi-directional SSPA supports CW/FM and QAM signals

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ – RF Triad Systems announced the development of a dual, bidirectional amplifier that supports 2X2 MIMO radio applications. The TTRM2005D is a semiconductor power amplifier (SSPA) operating at 2200-2 500 MHz. It is designed for military and commercial use and supports various types of signals, from simple CW / FM signals to complex, highly modulated media such as 64 and 256QAM.

The technical characteristics for each channel of this dual bidirectional amplifier include a gain of the transmitted signal of 25 dB, a gain of the received signal of 12 dB, a noise figure of the received signal of 2.5 dB and ~ 20 W BPSK power x2 (40 W of total RF power). The supply voltage is ultra wide 12-30 VDC. It uses the latest LDMOS transistor technology. As a result, it is able to achieve either highly linear power with low distortion or perform at peak power with extremely high efficiency. Its operational features include manual or automatic transmission (TX) / receive (RX) switching, temperature monitor output, overtemperature protection, and amplifier status output. It measures 3.4 X 2.6 X 0.65 inches and weighs only 5 ounces, making it the smallest standardized amplifier of its kind.

In addition to MIMO radio, additional applications for this class of AB LDMOS SSPA module include other military and commercial radio systems, software radio stations (SDR), and general-purpose RF amplification. It is able to support any signal type and modulation format, including 3 and 4G telecom, WLAN, OFDM, DVB, QAM and CW / AM / FM technologies.