US Army to receive more soldier-borne video terminals

One System Remote Video Terminal. (Photo: Textron)

Textron receives a contract to continue providing OSRVT and SPOT video terminal units.

Sole bidder Textron has received a $92.53 million contract to provide more One System Remote Video Terminal (OSRVT) and Soldier Portable OSRVT (SPOT) units for the US Army.

It will also provide contractor logistics support and complete work by 7 February 2024, the DoD noted in a 3 June announcement.

Textron has delivered the OSRVT since 2011 under a programme of record. Users include the US Army, USMC and SOF.

OSRVT delivers full-motion video, images and critical geospatial data from various sources ‘directly to the warfighter’s fingertips’, the company claims.

The original OSRVT has been upgraded with a bidirectional capability, upgraded software architecture and user-friendlier interface.

SPOT includes portable antennas, a multi-band transceiver and a ruggedised computer.