Keeping Ham Radio Relevant Hack Chat

Join us on Wednesday, February 5 at noon in the Pacific for Maintenance of ham radio, suitable hack chat with Josh Us!

It may not seem like it, but amateur radio is fighting a battle on two fronts for its continued existence. On the spectrum side, hams face the constant threat that the precious remnants of spectrum that are still allocated for their use will be recovered and sold to the participant with the highest price as new communication technologies are developed. Demographically, amateur radio is aging, with fewer and fewer young people interested in doing the work needed to obtain a license, and fewer and fewer still having the means to broadcast.

Amateur radio has a long, rich history, but the days are gone when hams can claim that their hobby is sacred because it provides emergency communication. Resting on a particular laurel will not win the hobby of your new followers or help him stick to the distribution of his spectrum, so Josh Us (KI6NAZ) helps to change the conversation. Josh is an engineer and radio amateur from Southern California who works Ham Radio Crash Course, A YouTube channel dedicated to increasing the speed of the ham radio. Josh’s weekly live streams and his video reviews of radio and ham projects show a different side of the world’s biggest hobby that is more active (through events like “Summits on air”) And focuses on digital modes that are perhaps more interesting and accessible for new thighs.

Join us in Hack Chat as we discuss how to make ham radio important in today’s world of comprehensive technology. We will talk about the challenges facing amateur radio, the entertainment that is yet to be broadcast, even when the bands are dead, as it is now (a spoiler warning: they are not), and what we can all do to save a ham radio.

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