Business News | STL Launches Accellus – an End-to-end Fiber Broadband and 5G Wireless Solution

Dallas, Texas [USA], September 23 (ANI / PRNewswire): STL, the industry’s leading digital network integrator, today launched Accellus, its flagship solution for 5G-ready, open and programmable networks.

This new product line raises the position of STL as a provider of disruptive solutions for Access and Edge networks. For the past 5 years, STL has been investing in research and development to expand its capabilities in converged networks based on fiber optic broadband and Open RAN.

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As data demand grows and sophisticated uses of IoT, AI, and immersive experiences emerge, digital networks must provide ultra-high bandwidth, low latency, and edge intelligence. Open RAN allows this massive evolution cost-effectively.

STL’s Accellus is built on this industry-leading converged optical-radio architecture. The company expects the global adoption of this decision to accelerate at a rate of 250% on an annual basis, which will lead to better TCO for customers and gross margin for shareholders.

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Accellus will allow four main benefits for network builders – scalable and flexible operations, faster time to market, lower TCO and greener networks.

Accellus will lead the industry to move from tightly integrated, proprietary products to developer-neutral converted wireless and optical networking solutions. It offers wireless and fiber-based convergence solutions:

1. 5G multiband radio stations: Exhaustive portfolio of RAN radio with single and multiband macro radio stations. Co-developed in partnership with Facebook Connectivity to build shared availability for Open RAN-based radios

2. Internal small cells: O-RAN compliant, highly efficient internal 5G small cell solution, with level 1 edge treatment

3. Wi-Fi 6 access solutions: Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 solutions providing carrier-class public connectivity in dense environments

4. Intelligent RAN Controller (RIC): An Open RAN 5G operating system that allows the Open RAN ecosystem to use third-party applications to improve performance and save costs

5. Programmable FTTx (pFTTx): A complete solution that introduces programmability and software-defined networks into large-scale FTTH, business and cellular sites (FTTx) networks

Commenting on the launch of Accellus, Philip Leidler, Partner and Consulting Director, STL Partners, said: “One of the goals of the O-RAN alliance was to expand the RAN ecosystem and encourage innovation from a wider base of technology companies worldwide. the message is the last indication that this goal has been achieved. “

Commenting on the launch of Accellus, Chris Rice, CEO of Access Solutions, STL, said: “Disaggregated 5G and FTTx networks based on open standards are becoming more common for both greenfield and brownfield deployments. These networks will require unprecedented scalability and flexibility, possible through an open and programmable architecture. STL’s Accellus will unlock business opportunities for our customers and provide an immersive digital experience worldwide. “

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