Delivering Assured Overmatch for Modern Battlefield Challenges (sponsored)

RAFAEL, a world leader in the defense industry, presents its comprehensive line of advanced, proven combat, land, sea and air solutions that effectively counter evolving threats. Visit us at booth # H5-220 at DSEI.

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Advanced, integrated, proven technologies protect you above and below the waves

C-GEM is an active outboard lure, providing the most modern solution for soft killing against current and new generation anti-ship missiles and consecutive search missiles. The system blocks and deceives threats in various directions, regardless of ship maneuvers – including 360 ° congestion of coincidences, allowing an immediate, powerful response that sets new standards in the marine ECM.

C-GEM can be programmed before launch and can be used in all standard 110mm-150mm lure launch systems.

SEA BREAKER is 5th generation, an autonomous naval and long-range long-range missile system, allowing the operator to intervene at any stage. Precisely integrating RAFAEL, IIR seeker, electro-optics, computer vision, artificial intelligence and decision-making management solutions, it delivers accurate shots from distances up to 300 km. By engaging fixed or moving targets in arenas against access / denial zone (A2 / AD), coastal or brown waters, and in all weather conditions, the Sea Breaker can neutralize a frigate-sized ship with a single strike.

BAGBOARD is 4th a generation of countermeasures for all types of acoustic self-targeting torpedoes, combining both soft and hard killing capabilities, effective in shallow and deep waters for long and short attacks. Launched from the outside, it drives at a safe distance from the submarine or surface ship, attracting the incoming torpedo, detonating its warhead at the nearest approach point (CPA).

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Provide crews and vehicles with powerful, proven solutions

Next Generation Combat Vehicle Suite (NGCV-S) integrates RAFAEL’s state-of-the-art technology, including AI and Computer Vision, turning any combat vehicle into a connected, secure, optionally manned lethal defense system. Fighting AI acts like 3rd a member of the crew providing autonomous management of the mission to meet a growing number of tasks. Full awareness of the situation – activated by a set of sensors and cameras equipped with edge processing using ATR to detect and identify threats, and a complete video management system – allows the crew to remain fully protected in the cabin with the hatch closed.

SPIKE Family 5th A generation of EC-controlled multi-role missile systems integrated into 45+ types of ground vehicles around the world, as well as helicopters and seagoing ships, provide precision and powerful warheads for unprecedented tactical overshoot of land, sea and air. SPIK UFO (Non-Line-Of-Sight) operates on a range of up to 32 km, SPIKE ER2 up to 10-16 km, and SPIKE LR2 up to 5.5 km.

TROPHY APS is the world’s only operational, combat-proven active protection system for AFV, providing unparalleled viability and maneuverability for all vehicle classes. Selected for the next phase of detailed assessment and integration by the UK Department of Defense for the Army Main Battle Tank Challenger 3, TROPHY detects, classifies and engages all known chemical energy threats.

SAMSON RWS All in one integrates the world’s leading systems into one solution that maximizes fire power and mobility and provides MBT protection. Components that work harmoniously together include SAMSON 30 mm drone tower, TROPHY APS, double launch for SPIKE LR2, 30/40 mm automatic gun with ABM, 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, fire control system and level bumper protection 2 on STANAG.

BNET SDR is an advanced tactical broadband IP mobile Ad Hoc network (MANET), software-defined radio (SDR), providing a reliable high-speed connection with low latency for broadband data, voice and video on the go for ground and air platforms, exchanges and descending troops. The modular, multi-band, multi-channel, network-oriented system allows unprecedented data rates and user numbers, allowing all land, sea and air units to participate in a single, seamless, scalable network.

FIRE WEAVER is a network system that connects all elements of the battlefield in real time, instantly selecting the most appropriate shooter for each acquired target. Managing multiple targets simultaneously, using AI and data synthesis, it enables fighters to receive and share battlefield data through augmented reality icons on their weapon sights, creating a common picture of awareness for all participants.

RAFAEL technological experience includes Autonomous capabilities, AI,, Great information, data merging,, deep learning and cybersecurity – with AI central location for autonomous battlefield capabilities enabling multi-system integration and network-oriented operation, autonomous land navigation in a GPS-rejected environment, autonomous mission planning and awareness of the situationusing EO sensor systems.

Missile and missile defense

Protect strategic sites, maneuvering forces and civilians from missile and missile threats

MIC4AD is a modular, proven control and management system C4I for air and missile defense in threatening environments. It builds a National Air Situation Picture, linking offline resources and real-time data to the air traffic control mission and planning system, and provides threat assessment, target classification, interception plan, weapons launch and deployment. the most appropriate defense system.

DOME is an integrated mobile IRON DOME for all weather conditions of a truck for maneuvering forces and air defense for military and critical equipment. It consists of a wheeled chassis, IRON DOME interceptors, radar and BMC operating station, the VSHORAD dual-mission system, a C-RAM system that protects against aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as missiles, mortars and artillery shells.

Drone Dome is a complete, battle-proven, modular, uncompromising airborne anti-aircraft system (C-UAS) that provides 360-degree rapid protection in all weather conditions against enemy drones. Detecting even small targets at distances over 3.5 km, the system neutralizes and intercepts with soft and hard killing, causing minimal damage to the environment with maximum safety on friendly aircraft.

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