DISH and Dell Technologies Will Build the Nation’s First Open RAN 5G Edge Infrastructure

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News summary

  • DISH chooses Dell to provide RAN and computing infrastructure for its own cloud-based, open 5G network
  • DISH and Dell to Collaborate on Market Strategies for Joint Solutions That Offer Innovation and Value to Businesses, Government, and Wholesale Customers
  • Dell Technologies APEX gives DISH more choice and flexibility in acquiring infrastructure technologies

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Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) and DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: PLATE) have formed a strategic infrastructure agreement to support the launch of DISH United States’ first cloud environment based on Open RAN 5G network. The companies are rethinking how 5G RAN networks are built and deployed with an ecosystem of partners, technologies and the Dell Open Infrastructure Foundation.

DISH has been developing its open, cloud-based 5G network from the beginning. Dell Technologies will provide the basics of DISH’s network infrastructure, power supplies, software and solutions to help customers take advantage of the connectivity and business opportunities made possible by the combination of 5G and finite computing.

“Through our collaboration with Dell Technologies, we will have the hardware and software infrastructure needed to harness the power and potential of 5G. Dell’s open ecosystem approach will help us scale our RAN network with flexibility, speed and consistency, creating new business opportunities for both enterprise customers and users, completing our cloud strategy, ”said Mark Rouen, Chief Network Officer at DISH. “We chose to use Dell technology because they have demonstrated experience in transforming networks and a willingness to work with us in the design and implementation of infrastructure such as code (IaC). With their help, we are one step closer to implementation. United States’ the first native cloud network, the Open RAN 5G network. “

Using Dell Technologies’ security software and global supply chain, DISH will deploy Dell’s open hardware and software infrastructure for its 5G network, which will connect millions of people and power 5G and uses in the healthcare, education, government, retail, manufacturing, banking and beyond. With zero touch from Dell and the deployment of containerized RAN networking features, DISH can simplify and automate the deployment of software and services in a variety of geographic locations.

“DISH is breaking new ground by building a native 5G cloud network designed for the future, with final calculations and new uses of 5G colliding in ways we haven’t thought about yet,” he said. Denis Hoffman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Dell Technologies Telecom Systems Business. “We will apply our decades of experience in digital transformation to help simplify and automate the rapid deployment of 5G RAN and DISH’s end network.”

Through the agreement:

  • Dell and DISH create private 5G wireless networking solutions, software-defined broadband networks and multi-access cloud platforms. Aimed at delivering value to a wide range of industries, companies are working together on a marketing strategy to provide seamless, simple solutions to increase customer value on the edge.
  • The companies will jointly develop technology for Open RAN, SmartNICs, emerging micro-edge colocation, operational automation and other areas of R&D. Joint teams will pursue and create multi-access computing (MEC) computing solutions for business and small business opportunities.
  • Dell and DISH will provide advanced machine learning capabilities to monitor system health and proactively predict anomalies that may affect performance or services. Dell and DISH will design the network infrastructure from cellular sites to data centers to provide better performance, energy efficiency and automated operations.
  • DISH will deploy Dell EMC PowerEdge servers at cell tower sites and centralized RAN locations to meet the growing demands of edge-based, work-intensive workloads. Designed to thrive in harsh conditions, DISH will use Dell EMC PowerEdge XR11 robust servers to maintain its private cloud and remote applications. DISH will also use the Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 and R750 servers to support virtualization and demanding workloads in the native cloud. Dell’s platforms also guarantee the future of DISH for next-generation RAN computing requirements, allowing DISH to support additional acceleration maps.
  • With Dell Technologies APEX Flex on request, DISH can scale the use of its server up and down, while paying only what they use1. Dell will deliver state-of-the-art systems with factory integration, while service and support specialists will help ensure effective deployment and lifecycle management.
  • Dell and DISH create state-of-the-art technology teams to identify and develop future technologies and investment opportunities. The companies will collaborate on the roadmap and silicon diversity for 5G RAN and terminal infrastructure, focusing on improvements in maintenance costs, performance density, operational reliability and power consumption of telecommunications equipment in the 5G network.
  • DISH and Dell are teaming up to develop and market solutions. For example, companies design and certify Dell-enabled 5G laptops with DISH connectivity options to bring 5G to more people and places. The companies will offer device management capabilities and eSIM capabilities so that customers can activate the service without a physical SIM card in both private and shared networks, all within the pay-for-what model. use. “

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