Vapor IO to Enable 5G Services on Shared Infrastructure via Google Anthos and the Kinetic Grid

“As telecommunications companies virtualize their networking features as they look for more cost-effective and flexible ways to deploy next-generation wireless infrastructure, platforms like Google Cloud’s Anthos are becoming a key part of the equation,” he said. Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO. “By delivering Anthos to Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform, communications service providers can deploy 5G RAN and MEC services in a multi-cloud environment with a shared infrastructure capable of delivering solutions that require ultra-low latencies.”

Google Anthos Kinetic Network
Google Anthos enables operators to run Kubernetes clusters anywhere, including on multiple clouds, on virtualized infrastructure, or on bare metal. Because Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform is a neutral host infrastructure, service providers have the choice to deploy Anthos on their own private servers or on servers owned by public clouds or bare metal providers. The Kinetic Grid platform combines all the economic benefits of a shared infrastructure with the microsecond latencies required by 5G radio access networks.

Using Google Anthos, operators can get a consistently managed Kubernetes experience in all their environments, as well as the flexibility to use their own servers or servers provided by third parties, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

“As network edge connectivity increases, edge businesses can increasingly take advantage of cloud capabilities and applications delivered securely and with low latency on 5G and other networks.” Tanuj Raja, Global Leader, Google Cloud Strategic Partnerships. “We are excited to partner with Vapor IO to help communications service providers provide cloud applications and capabilities to these customers across multiple networks and infrastructures.”

An end-to-end platform for the Internet we need
Tightly integrated with first- and last-mile public and private networks, the Kinetic Grid platform supports real-time software-managed applications running between locally distributed sites capable of maintaining latencies of less than 100 seconds required by 5G RAN and other services. Built as a platform to deploy public and private 5G, Kinetic Grid also supports providers in the cloud, CDN, IoT and immersive entertainment, as well as Industry 4.0 applications through a shared infrastructure.

Built on Vapor IO’s award-winning Kinetic Edge® architecture, which is currently deployed in 36 US cities, the Kinetic Grid combines software-managed networks, collocation, interconnection and intelligence in a comprehensive, operator-neutral platform. Due to its platform-level integration, customers can certify once and deploy anywhere. No other platform provides end-to-end consistency and pre-integration of services in multiple markets.

First implementation in Las Vegas
Steam IO recently announced plans and partnerships to provide infrastructure to Kinetic Grid through Las Vegas to support a versatile test bench for Open the network services. As part of his efforts at Las Vegas, Vapor IO will also bring Google Anthos in the middle of the test bench and invite public and private 5G service providers to upgrade on the platform.

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Regarding Vapor IO
Steam IO develops the largest national platform for network connection, colocation and interconnection, capable of supporting the most demanding low latency loads at the edge of wireless and wired access networks. The company’s Kinetic Grid platform combines multi-client colonization with a software-defined interconnection and high-speed network. The company’s technologies provide the most flexible, highly distributed infrastructure on the edge of the wireless network. Vapor IO implemented its Kinetic Edge services in Chicago,, Atlanta,, Dallas and Pittsburghand is actively developing in 36 additional markets. I follow @VaporIO on Twitter.

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