Echodyne Expands Market for Leading CUAS Radar, EchoGuard

Seattle – () –Ehodin, a radar platform company, today announced significant improvements to its industry-leading radars, adding a new radar to international markets, a new product for special operations applications, robust radar and ongoing improvements in software and performance. Together, these product developments represent significant advances in its MESA® breakthrough radar technology. With customers in defense, national security and critical infrastructure protection, Echodyne radars have become a key component in countering UAS, border security and basic and perimeter 3D surveillance solutions.

Products and improvements include:

  • EchoGuard International. The new EchoGuard radar is RoHS3 designed and complies with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) for EU customers, according to the type testing certificate according to the 2014/53 / EU Radio Equipment Directive.

  • Expanding the spectrum of EchoGuard. Many jurisdictions allow the use of RadioLocation on 24.05-24.25 GHz, and EchoGuard already has a new product option to deal with these markets.

  • Improved radom. Robust heatsink designed to withstand 1.5 joules of impact energy without changing the radar’s form factor.

  • Lightweight Deployment Kit (LDK). As customer demand increases for the lightweight system, the new LDK is designed to hold 10 hours of reconnaissance, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) activity, including radar, computer and batteries, in a military backpack weighing <20 lbs.

  • Firmware updates. All Echodyne radars are software-defined and this update includes improved stability and greater ease of use and functionality.

  • New waveform, ideal for slow speed resolution. Driven by customer demand, the new waveform is designed to detect and track very slow movement, such as stealthy human walking, more than 1.5 miles away.

  • RadarUI update. We have significantly improved our radar user interface with extended product line support and faster on-site deployment for easy radar visualization.

“We continue to find excellent customer adhesion to our high-performance radars and are excited to add these new products and enhancements to the EchoGuard family,” said Eben Frankenberg, CEO of Echodyne. “Our breakthrough radars are now embedded in advanced situational awareness and weapons systems, force protection, three-dimensional base and asset surveillance, and critical infrastructure security. We are scaling our business to not only meet demand, but also to become the leading manufacturer of radars for a number of current and future defense and security applications. There are many more things to come and we are excited about our next phase. ”

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About Echodyne

Ehodin, the radar platform company, designs and supplies high-performance compact, semiconductor, patent-protected MESA® radars. Ideally suited for defense, security, machine perception and autonomy, Echodyne’s electronically scanned radar arrays are used by defense and government agencies, autonomous security developers and integrators to counter UAS, borders and perimeters, critical infrastructure protection, unmanned aerial vehicles vehicles and autonomous vehicles. The private company is based in Kirkland, Washington, and is backed by Bill Gates, NEA, Madrona Venture Group, Vulcan Capital, Vanedge Capital and Lux ​​Capital.