EdgeQ Launches 5G Chipset-as-a-Service | ARC Advisory

EdgeQ Inc, company for 5G chip systems, introduced the industry’s first 5G chipset model as a service, offering customers a future evidence platform that can scale 5G and AI features as a feature of subscription payments. This is new 5G chipset as a servicethe service model is the first in the chip industry to scale price, performance and performance as a function of need and usage.

The service-oriented model gives customers the freedom to scale from nominal to advanced 5G features, such as ultra-reliable low-latency communications, geolocation services, massive MIMO, fine-grained network, and extended compatibility with other older versions of protocols. By connecting EdgeQ’s base station software on a chipset with the chipset model as a service, customers can now focus on a virtualized 5G deployment model, where feature attributes can be turned on and off through software. EdgeQ’s unique combination of flexible chip architecture and software RAN (radio access network) stack allows customers to pay only for features that meet their real needs.

Offering a chipset as a service, EdgeQ elevates the 5G Open Radio Network (O-RAN) to an even more configurable, resilient, open wireless infrastructure. Enterprise network, telecommunications, and cloud providers can use EdgeQ to virtualize network resources, allowing for flexible scaling of 5G services on demand. Customers can accelerate their needs and requirements through multi-level subscription packages, thus minimizing massive upfront investments in fully loaded hardware. Network providers can instantly provide fine-tuned services (such as massive MIMO or ultra-reliable low-latency communication) and include a matching pricing model based on usage and value. EdgeQ’s 5G platform, compatible with ORAN, allows dynamic reconfiguration and future scaling without the need to break and replace embedded systems. And customers now have access to a smarter, more resilient, service-driven physical layer.

The Pay-as-you-go model provides cost-effectiveness and complete customization

EdgeQ uniquely brings 5G and AI together in a formatted but software-defined way. By using a paid subscription model, customers can choose specific 5G service packages that best reflect the level of customer support, coverage, bandwidth, and network services. As a result, organizations can deploy EdgeQ cheaply with basic 5G connectivity and then upgrade to more advanced services as their business needs evolve. This approach allows customers to reduce CAPEX costs in advance and risk investing in features and functionality that may never be used.

EdgeQ’s new business model gives organizations the flexibility and scalability to manage and maintain their networks seamlessly. Control and management become purely cloudy. Price indicators become closely related to real needs. Customers can now dynamically scale their 5G networks in an environment known for its long life cycle and unpredictable unknowns.