Five SBIR Contracts Awarded To Space Micro – SatNews

Space Micro Inc.. has received five separate SBIR contracts to develop and improve their products for scientific, defense and dual purposes – these Q1 2021 awards have been received by the US Army, the US Air Force AFWERX and NASA.

Space Micro’s core experience in developing and orbiting reliable radiation-hardened space subsystems, including communications (RF and optical), processors and cameras, provided the basis for the award-winning proposals:

  • U.S. Army: STTR contract for “Machine-Based Device and Wave Adaptation for SDRs operating in congested and contested environments.”
  • US Air Force AFWERX: STTR “Modular Defined Software Radio for Sustainable SATCOM” contract to improve Space Micro’s software-defined radio (SDR) for new US space programs, including small and cubes.
  • NASA: Phase I SBIR Award for “Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Tolerant Radiation in Space.”
  • US Air Force AFWERX: Phase 1 SBIR contract for “SpaceCam: dual-use space imagery and SSA camera” to further enhance Space Micro’s SpaceCam ка space cameras.
  • US Air Force AFWERX: Phase 1 SBIR Award for “Multilayer Space Communications Full Duplex RF-to-Optical Converter for SATCOM”.

“U.We are so pleased that they have been awarded these contracts for the further development of innovative and dual technologies and products. These SBIR awards add to the $ 50 million in government investment in Space Micro products we have received over the past two decades as we have successfully designed highly reliable, space-skilled and flight-proven technologies.,” said David J. Strobel, CEO of Space Micro.